Nowra Bowen Therapy Clinic Treating Babies

Making the Newborn Adjustment!

How Bowen Therapy Care Helps Your Newborn!

Birth is a physically stressful experience for your baby, especially when the delivery is natural or assisted. The force of being pushed through the birth canal can leave their tiny body out of alignment, not all that unlike the misalignment that causes millions of people to seek Bowen Treatments each year.

What does this misalignment mean for your baby?

Research suggests it may be responsible for common conditions like irritability, colic, and feeding problems.  Bowen Treatments provides a natural approach to alleviating these conditions and keeping your child healthy and happy.

Why does your baby need a Bowen Treatment?

When your baby is born, their body must rotate and flex as your baby finds their way through the birth canal. This traumatic process, though completely natural, can result in misalignment - especially of the cervical vertebrae. For your baby this could mean feeding problems, being fussy, not settling, colic, or sleep disturbances, in the short term; and in the long term, if undetected and left untreated, the consequences could be lifelong, hidden damage to a child's nervous system.


It is natural for a baby to be relaxed, happy and feeding well.   If this is not happening the babies spine may be out of alignment and affecting your baby's wellbeing. If so, your therapist can perform gentle adjustments, as light as the touch of a finger, to correct and relieve your baby’s discomfort. The result is a healthier, happier baby.


Book a treatment at Nowra Bowen Clinic or go to or to find a Practitioner in your local area to assist you.  Members of BAA and BTFA are trained in specific techniques for pregnant mothers, infants, and children.


Everyone wants the best for their newborn including perfect health. Bowen Therapy care provides a natural alternative for treating common newborn problems. And a gentle adjustment just may make a lifetime difference.

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